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Updating my nvidia drivers

Now you can get driver updates, and need not be worried about what NVIDIA knows about you.You could tell them as much as you tell Superuser, and it will work fine.Years and years ago, Nvidia made you figure out what driver you needed by hand. Which was a desktop app that kept it up to date for you, as well as had optimization settings for various games.

I suggest double-checking for any reports of terrible things happening before you install a new version.Tell your browser to save the file it downloads; save the name of that file so you can run it when you are ready to install it.If you want one of the older drivers, go down the page and click on the underlined Beta and Older Drivers instead.Note that if you need the Open CL feature, Microsoft almost always takes it out of the version they offer. One way to get a version with Open CL is to go to this site: lang=en-us Use Option 1 to describe the computer you want it for, as if you were downloading it for later transfer to some other computer.

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