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Moreover, according to Ernest Robert Williams, Percy Christmas dared him to register the name Woolworths instead, which he succeeded in doing after finding out the name was available for use in New South Wales."As surprising as this may sound, I have seen quite a lot of QLD police officers act like this in the last decade or so.There are of course, dicks amongst them, but I have seen some completely cool ones.Old mate had a big day at the cricket drinking in the sun, backed it up at the German club which the cops had a bit of a laugh about it told him to drink some water and dumped him on the couch.Similar story except I was so shit faced I couldn't talk and the cops in Brissy put me in the lockhouse in the Valley with a doona, extra pillows a bucket and some water till I came around in the morning. : DI've been to the drunk tank in San Diego where I wasn't even drunk it was my dads fault, anyway all they had was a thin ass pad on concrete floor and said get out four hours later.I went to college in a small town in the US and if you were drunk in public (and didn't talk shit or break anything) the city cops were super nice and would usually give you a quick ride home.The university cops were the ones who'd get a hard on for hauling a drunk college kid to the tank for a night with a big public intox ticket. A few years ago when I was living in a share house here in Brissy I had the two constables knocking on the door at 4 am holding my housemate up while he was giving a drunk shit-eating grin and the cop says "He's lost his phone and wallet, we found him outside the Gabba and he said he lives here".

Much of the fucked up aspects of our society in North America derived from Puritan origins and Protestant moral concepts. " "Of course." "Well in that case i'll have one here and another one to take away! Fines for drinking in public is different from public intox. Among the number of stories I've heard the only time you're charged if your are being violent or being an asshole.

This isn't really a thing in Australia unless you're genuinely causing trouble.

I'm not saying it's bad or anything, just a different cultural thing that I had to get used to. Grew up in Canada, mostly no drinks allowed out in public spaces aside from restaurants.

I met a bunch of aussies when I went to Bali last year and I would make fun of their "no" because it literally sounded like 18 vowels competing for last place "noaoeoaouauo Jushua! "With a name such as "Facetious Guy", I picture you as a 500lb guy who's fat rolls are slowly amassing salty little droplets of sweat in between your numerous fat rolls while you listen to this Redditor down under serenade you.

Of course you could be a girl, or skinny, or both, idk just rambling at this point. I've worked for a friend's business that teaches English to people wanting to obtain their ' Permanent Residency Status' in Australia.

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Now if you did some other shit too while drunk I've seen public intoxication slapped on top of whatever else they're charged with, but that's a different deal than just being drunk.