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Spotting Yakuza tattoos on one of the burglars, Max flees, grabbing a satchel on his way out.

Then the toes clench on the tiny foot emerging from the bundle, and Hades realizes that at least one of the children is still alive.

They are assigned to investigate a serial killer who harvests body parts to sell to rich patients waiting for transplants.

This gripping and violent debut police procedural won the 2014 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Novel.

Unfortunately Yoko is holding Max’s passport and refuses to return it.

Late one night Max breaks into the office to retrieve his passport, stumbling into a burglary in progress.

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With the help of a Shinto priest he meets on the subway, Max tries to unravel the secrets of the diary in order to trade them for his freedom. The Atlanta “Ring,” a powerful group of white Atlanta businessmen responsible for Canby’s exile, are concerned that news of the murders will keep visitors away from Atlanta, just as the International Cotton Exposition celebrating the city’s revival after Reconstruction, is about to open.