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There is no charge to search and meet tv/ts contacts.Feast your eyes on our online gallery featuring Shemales, Transgender and LGBQT photos and videos.Mitchell’s criminal activities and his attempts to corrupt other pupils with drugs and Satanism were no secret at St David’s.But at a time when the Scottish Executive’s policy was to avoid excluding troublesome pupils, he was allowed to remain at the school, mixing with other youngsters - one of whom would pay for her relationship with him with her life.On that occasion it is believed that he was referred to an educational psychologist, but refused treatment.A spokeswoman for Midlothian council refused to comment on whether police, social workers or mental health professionals had been approached by the school about Mitchell.One school source said: "Luke’s problem at school was indiscipline.

Now parents and politicians have demanded an investigation into why a pupil with a history of violence, drug dealing, underage sex and a fascination with Satan was allowed to continue his damaging behaviour seemingly unchecked.

In it, he described himself as violent and Satanic.

"It was quite worrying," Mackie told Mitchell’s trial.

The inspectors not only failed to uncover any serious problems at St David’s, they praised the "good standard of education within a very caring and supportive atmosphere".

The report noted that "the guidance team, although containing mostly new and acting guidance teachers, managed their respective responsibilities well" and there were "very good" arrangements for supporting children’s welfare.

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But what is clear is that Mitchell’s behaviour continued to spiral out of control.

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