Rowupdating in aspxgridview

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Rowupdating in aspxgridview

At the beginning of this year (2008), we released our implementation of it that used a LINQ provider, and thereby supporting all manner of data sources.Now, with LINQ being available, the question arises whether we should even do this intelligent paging at all. In the last couple of days, as an experiment, the guys on the team implemented support of the standard Linq Data Source inside ASPx Grid View.Or should we just accept that our grid's end-user functionality is of prime importance, even if the developer has to jump through a couple more hoops to get there? We'll continue to investigate this issue to see if there is some other solution we can explore.So, even if the current answer is "business as usual", stay tuned.Unbeknownst to the user but still crucial are the paging capabilities of the grid: the user doesn't have to wait extended lengths of time for data to be shown in the grid as they manipulate the grid.Of vital importance with this paging is that it still works well when the user is grouping records.

This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine whenever this event occurs.The standard Linq Data Source does efficient paging, so why not use that? As it happens, although it does sound like an attractive idea, it won't work. And it works very well for the basic feature of paging records into the grid.It doesn't work at all well for grouping and filtering, and certainly doesn't work for creating summary or total values. Should we add an option to switch the grid between this hobbled version and the fully functional version (I'm thinking about it from the end-users viewpoint here)?please help me in this problem if possible provide your code here. This example demonstrates how to edit the Date Time Offset structure using the ASPx Grid View control.

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For a start there's sorting (click on the column header), grouping (drag the column header to the grid's grouping panel and drop), filtering (type in a simple criteria as text).

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