Dating old photographs uk

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Dating old photographs uk

These photographs have been merged with those originally designated for record series AB 31 and AB 80.

They will now be deposited at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell Atomic Energy Establishment: Winfrith: Photographs.

Use this guide if you are looking for photographs at The National Archives.

Read our section on records held elsewhere or search our catalogue for photographic collections and refine your results using the filters.

To find out what is available locally, contact a local archive.

A paper index detailing place names and people/groups extracted from the database is still available at The National Archives.

Many photographs remain undiscovered in volumes, files and papers.

Combined, the quantity of photographic material runs into millions of individual items.

The list below provides a general overview of our photographic holdings and is not exhaustive.

We hold a large number of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and predecessors: Nuclear Research Northern Groups: Technical photographs of equipment used at Dounreay and Hunterston, together with report on photography of technical equipment, 1950s to 1980s United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority: Photographs of the London Office.

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Consideration should be given to the effects of inspecting such material, especially upon children and young adults.