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Since there already exists on file in the Library of Congress an oral history recorded by the Society of Women Geographers, additional information seemed unwarranted, but the lawyer’s advice raised a storm of far more intimate, near century-long memories that will not be stilled until I set them down as I do here.

When I first encountered Coomaraswamy’s multivolume catalogue of the Boston Museum collections in the Calcutta University library as a student in 1956, I learnt that the great Indian collection for which the museum was famous at the time was identified as the hyphenated “Ross-Coomaraswamy Collection.” The “Ross” part of the moniker, however, remained a mystery until I came to occupy the position of Keeper of the Indian Collections in 1967 – exactly two decades after Coomaraswamy passed away.

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The I once read a book by Sir Erwin Panofsky which asserted that all artists were born under Saturn; today I would say that so are all curators and collectors of art.

The iconographic programme on this doorway represents the earliest known example in this region.

Khorchag Monastery was founded in 996 by Khorre, ruler of the kingdom of Purang, who—together with his brother Yeshe-Ö—transformed the region into a Buddhist kingdom.

The authors of a technical and stylistic study concluded that the sculpture of Buddha was of the Yongle period but the throne and torana were probably of a later date.

This article contests that conclusion, maintaining that both sculpture and throne are of the same period.

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